Body Wrap

Remineralizing Treatment
from $91/$129
Approximate time: 70 minutes
An effective antidote to stress and tension, inducing intense relaxation and a deep sense of well-being. Concentrated balancing products are utilized in a global exfoliation, heated mud wrap and de-stressing essential oil massage. The skin is incredibly soft, smooth and hydrated.

Detoxifying Treatment from $91/$129
Approximate time: 70 minutes
This ancient beauty ritual is as effective today as it was long ago. Refined marine elements, rich in minerals, are applied to the entire body to deeply exfoliate and smooth the skin. Then, a warm detoxifying wrap is used to encourage the eliminatiion of toxins for overall purification, restoring your mind and body in a truly natural way.

Slimming/Body Contouring from $91/$129
Approximate time: 70 minutes
Reduces the visual aspect of cellulite,smoothing and refining the body contours giving a slimming effect. This intense treatment for the entire body encompasses exfoliation, a heated algae wrap and stimulating massage with mineral rich marine-based products and essential oils to promote dramatic long lasting results and skin that is soft and supple.

Revitalizing Leg Treatment from $70
Approximate time: 90 minutes
Energize yourself with a stimulating leg treatment. Gentle exfoliation is followed by a soothing massage with decongestant essential oils. A marine algae wrap with refreshing menthol will ease tension, relieve stress and alleviate aching muscles. The long lasting feeling of freshness will leave you invigorated and surprisingly energetic.

Illuminating Salt Glow Scrub from $54
Approximate time: 30 minutes
A blend of essential oils has been added to these refined sea salts. The blend is applied over the body to deeply cleanse, exfoliate and invigorate the skin. An application of customized oils and illumination creams restores the body's natural vitality and elevates your spirits.

Hanakasumi from $97
Approximate time: 90 minutes
Experience the anciant art of beauty with this relaxing and enchanting body ritual inspired by Japanese tradition. The journey commences with the application of a warmed exfoliating cream with Cherry Blossom & Rice Powder. A second exfoliating massage softens skin and invigorates the body. A unique foot massage based on reflexology revives vital energy with a full body massage of melted aromatic Shea butter bringing blissful relaxation.

Hydrating Mud Wrap
from $97
Approximate time: 75 minutes
Exfoliation with Salt Glow Scrub followed by an application of a hydration mud wrap. Followed up with a face and scalp massage and application of hydrating lotion.

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